Oceanit Research Foundation

Oceanit Research Foundation is focused on positively impacting our communities through lifelong learning, innovative STEM curriculum development, and community outreach to benefit all learners, young and old. 


SURF – Social Utilization of Resources for the Future – is our primary initiative that aims to empower organizations and communities around Hawai’i—and the world—to apply disruptive innovation mindsets to public education and lifelong learning. This novel social impact effort is spearheaded by members of the Oceanit Ohana and community stakeholders who are passionate about creating an innovation future for our next generation. SURF encompasses three core programs: Altino Coding, Aloha AI, and Design Thinking.

Employing cutting edge technology to introduce students to artificial intelligence

Equipping our teachers to give students critical skills for the 21st century

Introducing human-centered problem-solving methods to our community

Bringing People Together

Oceanit facilitates a programming class with Kamehameha Schools and students from South Korea.

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