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AI Governing Principles

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Oceanit’s ’10 commandments’ for guiding Artificial Intelligence work

Our 10 governing principles were created internally to guide our work on all Artificial Intelligence projects and that of partners, so that we may advance AI responsibly. These principles govern our work on our Noetic Mathematical Engine “NoME”, Machine Learning, and Applied AI tools like the Aloha AI network.


1. Our mission is to use AI to advance reason, science, humanism, and progress.

2. The Designers and Users of an AI system are stakeholders in the moral implications of its use, misuse, and actions, with a responsibility and opportunity to shape those implications for good.

3. Sound and Moral philosophy must enter explicitly into the design, development, and deployment of NoME and Aloha AI.

4. In its design and operation, NoME, the Aloha AI and other AI systems must be infused with ideals of universal dignity, rights, and diversity.

5. Advanced AI could profoundly change ‘Life, the Universe, and Everything’, and hence there must be continual and substantial philosophical, scientific, technological, and financial investment in its creation, and in preparing for the existential opportunities and risks it poses.

6. The decisions this AI makes must be rational and explainable.

7. The errors this AI makes must be explainable and correctable.

8. Persons are entitled to know if they, or their data, are subject to AI observation, influence, or processing.

9. Persons (Including their data) shall not be unlawfully coerced into using or being used by any AI system.

10. A culture of cooperation, trust, and transparency should be fostered among the Designers and Users of NoME, the Aloha AI, and other AI systems.

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