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Altino is a revolutionary coding platform which Oceanit has championed since 2017 to bring creative problem-solving skills and mindsets to all K-12 schools in Hawai’i and beyond. Altino autonomous cars can use a multitude of programming languages—Android, Arduino, Python, and C++—that can be effectively utilized to make code-learning interactive, inspiring, and fun. 

Computer science and coding are not only 21st century career skills; they are pathways to improved critical thinking, collaboration and problem-solving skills. For educators and students, Altino is an engaging and fun way to learn in the familiar context of driving a car. 

Drawing inspiration from Oceanit’s partners in South Korea—where coding has been a required part of students’ curriculum since 2018—Oceanit began using SaeOn’s autonomous cars to inspire and train teachers to help them incorporate computer science into any non-technical subject area so every student in Hawai’i could be exposed to computer programming. Oceanit Research Foundation just launched a free virtual Altino car and training website, which you can visit by clicking below:

Since 2017, Oceanit has trained over 550 teachers from almost 200 schools using Altino. Approved by the Hawaii Department of Education, Altino is a PDE3 approved 3-day, 3-credit course for educators which covers coding as well as lesson plan development to incorporate coding into any subject areas, like history, social studies, English, art, and even PE.

Our goal for Altino as a core SURF program over the next 5 years is to train 5,000 teachers over the next 5 years, who can in turn reach every student in Hawaii—over 180,000 students total. The hope is that every student in Hawaii can learn computer science from Kindergarten through 12th grade.  

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